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Course: Disaster Site Worker Duration: 16 hours
What to Bring:
Description: The primary goal of this 16 hour awareness course is to enable the disaster site worker to recognize their responsibility to make decisions and choices that will positively affect their personal health and safety and that of others. This course will offers the following topics: characteristics of a disaster site, disaster site health hazards, disaster site safety hazards, recognition of CBRNE agents & symptoms, proper use of personal protective and respiratory protective equipment, and methods of decontamination.
  • Science and Engineering

    • Industrial Hygiene
    • Site Safety
    • Safety Engineering

  • Management

    • Hazardous Materials Management
    • Disaster and Emergency Management
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • EHS Management System

  • Training and Education

    • Education
    • OSHA
    • EPA
    • DOT
    • Professional Development