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Course # of Classes
Terrorism - Management 0
Health and Safety Management Systems - Management 0
Hazardous Materials Management - Management 0
Site Supervisor - 0
Incident Commander - 0
Hazardous Materials Specialist - 0
First Responder Operations - 0
First Responder Awareness - 0
Chemistry of Hazardous Materials - 0
Chemical Protective Clothing & Decontamination - 0
Air Monitoring - 0
Storm Water - EPA Compliant 0
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) - EPA Compliant 0
RCRA Waste Management Refresher - EPA Compliant 0
RCRA Waste Management - EPA Compliant 0
Emergency Coordinator - EPA Compliant 0
Shipper Awareness - DOT Compliant 0
General Awareness - DOT Compliant 0
OSHA - Confined Spaces in Construction - 10
HAZWOPER - 24 Hr Technician Level - This three day course provides the standard for professional competence at the Technician Level as specified in OSHA 1910.120. The course is designed for those who must have the knowledge and skill to take appropriate offensive or defensive action requiring advanced chemical protection (EPA levels C, B, or A) at a hazardous materials incident. 3
HAZWOPER - 8 Hour Refresher - Tired of the same old "boring" training year after year? This totally restructured one-day refresher course will stimulate, educate and expand your knowledge. The course includes the "core" of "must do" subjects and then provides electives to choose from. Using extensive site experience, the instructors bring reality into the classroom. 1
HAZWOPER - 40 Hour - This five day course is required for site workers, environmental and safety personnel, contractors, and others involved in hazardous waste site activities. Extensive hands-on experience including simulations involving use of personal protective equipment, detection instruments, spill control and emergency response equipment is provided. 5
HAZWOPER - 24 Hour - This three day course is for site workers, environmental and safety personnel and contractors who are occasionally on a hazardous waste site, performing specific and limited tasks. Course includes workshops and real world examples. 3