Certified Utility Safety Professional Program Offers Utility-Specific Safety Credentials

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. – The Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network (USOLN) is pleased to announce that Michael Ziskin of Field Safety Corporation has received the Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) credential. He is part of the Portland, Maine class that took the CUSP exam on July 20th. The CUSP program was developed by the USOLN to promote safety leadership in the utility industry by formally recognizing those individuals who meet specific eligibility requirements and pass the CUSP exam. The exam is designed to test a broad- based understanding of utility safety regulations, competencies and task-directed skills. CUSP certification encourages continued personal and professional growth in the practice of utility safety leadership and provides a national standard of requisite knowledge required for certification. CUSP certification is the only program that offers utility-specific safety credentials to meet the unique requirements of utilities and related utility contractors.

CUSP certification is a two-tiered, color-designated program. To be eligible for the CUSP Green – Safety Management program, an individual must have three years of experience in a dedicated safety/training role in the utility industry. The CUSP Blue – Operations Management, Supervisory and Foreman program requires three years of utility operations leadership experience and at least one year in role where safety activities are a part of your job description. All eligible individuals must pass either the CUSP Green or CUSP Blue exam in order to be certified.

Michael met the eligibility requirements for the CUSP Green program and passed the exam to receive his CUSP Green credential. In addition to the T&D endorsement, Michael passed the additional exams for Gas and Power Generation. We applaud Michael for passing not one, but three endorsement exams.

“Successful completion of the CUSP Green exam confirms a high level of knowledge in the utility safety discipline and allows Michael Ziskin to use the CUSP credential,” said Carla Housh, USOLN executive director. “We congratulate Michael on this significant accomplishment in his career, which will only enhance his value to his employer, Field Safety Corporation, and the industry.

The Utility Safety & Ops Leadership Network (USOLN) serves as an advocate for safe, secure and productive utility work environment and as a catalyst for the prevention of incidents. The USOLN provides utility companies and their contractor partners with a reliable certification program, legislative/regularly updates and networking resources.